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The scent of fresh cut grass is great, but that should not be the only reason reason to build your own lawn care business or think about yard care as a business idea. There are enough opportunities within this industry which will enable you to create a business that fits your particular desires and needs. Lawn care accounts can go on for a very long time. Your customer base will most likely need their lawns to be mowed once a week, which means that you have a stable income source. Here are some of the most important tips you need to know on how to start a lawn care business.


Identify Your Goals


The first thing to do is to determine precisely what you want to attain with your new lawn care business. Why are you building this business?  Do you want to work part-time or full-time? Can you manage a team and how big do you want to expand? Are you ready to take care of the important business aspects such as invoicing, taxes, legal, sales and marketing? Do you know what makes you different from your competition? As you begin outlining your objective, consider making an internal mission statement that will help you delineate who you are and why you are in this industry. These mission statements should be intended to assist you in giving your business a clear purpose.


Startup Costs


One of the major benefits of a gardening, lawn care or landscaping company is the relatively low startup expenses. A commercial-grade lawn mower will cost approximately $8,000, a truck around $5,000 or more, a trailer is around $1,000. You might also have to pay for a few smaller expenses for other equipment ($1,000). Total equipment costs to have your business up and running would be around $15,000. You could also consider purchasing used equipment to save on capital, but that will be most likely lead to more money for ongoing repairs later on. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best lawn care services by checking out the post at


Landscaper Licensing


There are not a lot of of legal barriers to entry for a grounds maintenance company. Make sure that you also get a county business license and a liability insurance. Your liability insurance will range from $400 and $700 dollars depending on where you are located. Some services you may be considering to provide may come with stricter requirements. For instance, sprinkler repair or low voltage lighting in a lot of states require a separate licensing process, testing, and proof of time spent working in the industry. Know about The Lawn Solutions here!